TOPPICAL has the right venetian blind solution for virtually any window shape or door either fixed or moveable. The slats consist of high quality aluminium alloy with baked enamel coating, virtually indestructable for its entire field of application.

TOPPICAL venetians are an investment in long term convenience and pleasure. Guaranteed maintenance free and made of the highest quality materials. Easy to use, easy to clean, like new forever!

Hardware Specification

RFQ Quantity
1) Free Gear System Connection to the Tilter Wand is of "Free Gear System". This prevents breakage even the gear wand is twisted to the maximum.
2) Colour co-ordinated Pull Cord & Ladder Tape, Top & Bottom cap and Tassel are colour co-ordinated with the head bottom rail.
3) Tracking System i. Top Track are constructed of 26 mm x 25 mm high x 0.5 mm thick finished with a high quality baked enamel coating.
ii. Bottom Track are constructed of oval shape 0.5 mm thick finished with a high quality baked enamal coating.
4) Laddler Tape The slat have to pass through the middle of Ladder Tape.
5) Tilter Wand Adjust the slat angle to close & open and shall be made of translucence polycabonate.
6) Tilter Complated with "Free Gear System"

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Venetian Blinds System
Tilting of the slats is controlled with a rod, and raising and lowering of the blinds is performed with a cord.
The slat 25 is for large openings, such as terrance windows and floor- lenght windows. It is also excellent for commercial windows in offices or showrooms.

Product Slat width
Slat 16 16mm
Slat 25 25mm

Dimensions to which the products can be manufacturer
Product Width Height Maximun areas
Slat 16 300-3000mm 110-5500mm 7m2
Slat 25 300-3000mm 110-5000mm 7m2
Formula for calculating the folding space(Unit:mm)
Slat 25=blind height X 0.03 + 48mm
Folding space
Folding space
Lenght of rod
Attachment height Lenght of rod
- 1990mm 500mm
2000 - 2490mm 1000mm
2500 - 2990mm 1500mm
3000 - 3490mm 2000mm
3500 - 3990mm 2500mm
4000 - 4490mm 3000mm
4500 - 5000mm 3500mm

Basic housing diagram
Basic housing diagram

1. Top Track 2. Bracket 3. Shaft (Tilt rod) 4. Cradle
5. Gear Box (Tilter) 6. Tilter Wand 7. Tilter Cap 8. Cord Lock
9. Cord Drum 10. Cord Equalizer 11. Handling Cord 12. Lift Cord (T. Cord)
13. Ladder Tape 14. Slat Clip 15. Tape Holder 16. Bottom Track
17. Bottom End Cap 18. Top End Cap 19. Cradle Cap 20. Aluminium Slat

Venetian Blinds Component
Venetian Top Track
VTT1 Venetian Top Track
Venetian Bottom Track
VBT1 Venetian Bottom Track
Venetian Tilt Rod
VTR1 Venetian Tilt Rod
Tilter Wand
TW2 Tilter Wand
Bottom End Cap
BEC1 Bottom End Cap
Top End Cap
TEC1 Top End Cap
Ladder Tape
LT1 Ladder Tape
1.5mm Lift Cord
LC1 1.5mm Lift Cord
Cord Lock
CL1 Cord Lock
Slat Clip
SC1 Slat Clip
Cord Equalizer
CE1 Cord Equalizer
Tape Holder
TH1 Tape Holder
Crable Cap
CC3 Cradle Cup
Cradle Set
CS1 Cradle Set
Tilter Cap
TC1 Tilter Cap
TT1 Tilter
Venetian Bracket
VB1 Venetian Bracket
Extension Bracket
EB1 Extension Bracket
Venetian Design Venetian Colour