Message from Minister of
International Trade & Industry, Malaysia
Dato' Seri Rafidah Aziz

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Congratulations to asiaEP Bhd for its Malaysia Manufacturers and Exporters website. In the light of globalising of trade and the fast-shrinking world, businesses face unprecedented opportunities and challenges. This electronic Manufacturers and Exporters website will create an environment in the worldwide web to use multimedia technology to deliver marketing messages, customer services, and product information to the multi-cultural and multi-national customers. It will also provide an electronic platform for local manufacturers to interact with their global customers therefore facilitating the fast growth of our export trade and penetrating new business opportunities worldwide.

asiaEP Bhd serves as the latest advanced IT media for the local manufacturing companies. It will certainly help to boost the Government's effort in promoting the export of Malaysian goods and services, particularly the Malaysian Plastic Industry, Food and Beverage Industry, Footwear Industry, Garment and Knitting Industry, Furniture Industry, Metal Industry, Electrical and Electronic Industry and.....

Once again, Congratulations to asiaEP Bhd., a MSC Status Company, for achieving this success in the MSC environment.

(Minister of International Trade & Industry)
10 September 1998

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