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For Company wish to invest, please fill in the form below, we will forward to all our trade database :-

Company Name :
Address :
Country :
Tel No :
Fax No :
E-Mail :
URL (if any) :
Contact Person :
Year of incorporation :

Company Financial Status (USD):

Authorised Capital :
Issued Capital :
Paid-up Capital :

Equity Structure :

Local Ownership (%) :
Foreign Ownership (%) :
Country of Ownership (%) :

Form of ownership

Public Corporation Private Company
Partnership Sole Proprietor

Business Profile
Principle Business Activity

Annual Turnover (USD) :

Current Export Markets
Future Export Markets

Current co-operation with foreign partners, if any: Yes No
If yes, please elaborate:

Proposed Joint Venture Projects
If you are in interested seeking joint venture with a foreign partner,
please provide the following information:

Short description of the proposal:

Available consulting reports, if any, and year prepared
- Business Plan Year
- Feasibility Study Year
- Others: Year

Kindly supply the Proposed figures for the Joint Venture Project based on the following:

Investment Capacity (USD)

Authorised Capital
Paid-up Capital

Equity (%)

Malaysian Ownership
Foreign Ownership

Market Share (%)

Domestic Market
Export Market

Foreign Co-operation / Assistance Sought
What are the form(s) of co-operation you need from foreign joint venture partners

Sought Offered
Buy-back Arrangement
Distribution/Marketing Arrangement:
- Marketing Services
- Distribution of Goods or Services
- Warranty maintenance
- Credit
- Capital Investment
Equipment/Materials Supply:
- Machines, Tools, Components
- Raw Materials
Exchange of Know-how :
- Technology
- Research & Development
- License or Patents
Export Offer
Import Offer
Manufacturing Links
Plant Supply
Training for Staff:
- Managerial
- Technical
- Commercial

Please specify:

Expansion / Modernisation of an existing Project
If you are interested to seek any assistance from foreign companies for an existing project, please identify the following assistance or collaboration you need:

Sought Offered
Technical Transfer
Management Expertise
Marketing Arrangement
Training Local Staff

(Please specify)

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